Strategic research

Industrial development plan

Edward Baumgartner and Austin Peat were commissioned by the government of Kazakhstan to write a five-year plan to develop the country’s pharmaceutical sector, as part of a national accelerated industrial innovation programme. More than 10 industry plans were prepared for the then Ministry of Industry and Trade, and ours was alone in receiving the highest possible evaluation of “high quality”. Feedback was also extremely positive from other stakeholders, who describe the plan as a “reference work” for the industry today.

Market entry study

A listed multinational telecommunications firm retained Edward Austin as part of a consortium to conduct a market-entry study for an FSU country. The ultimate aim of the project was to provide a cost-benefit analysis for various routes in: as a third-party supplier, with a direct presence, or via a joint venture or other structure. A crucial requirement was to ensure entry in full accordance with the client’s strict compliance rules and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and EU anti-corruption legislation. The result of our work was an in-depth “map” of the official and unofficial regulatory bodies, incumbent telecommunications companies, third-party suppliers and other key players able to influence the client’s success on the ground legally. We also advised on potential market-entry routes.