Due diligence

Ownership and operational control

A client engaged Edward Austin to conduct an investigation into the ownership and operational control of a company that is listed on a major exchange and supplies goods to the FSU. In its early history, there had been a shareholder dispute, which was later settled in court. The main objective was to evaluate the current ownership and day-to-day operational control from the FSU perspective using our local resources and expertise. We conducted discreet enquiries among numerous sources on the ground, giving a comprehensive understanding of how the situation looks locally. We then compared our findings with the information disclosed for regulatory purposes, creating as complete a picture as possible for the client.

Pre-transactional enquiry

A client commissioned Edward Austin to conduct enhanced due diligence on an FSU company ahead of a possible investment by a multilateral organisation. Through thorough research and enquiries among trusted sources, we created a comprehensive profile of the history, ownership, management, connections, reputation and causes for concern. This ultimately helped the potential investor to make the appropriate commercial decision.